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Mail Art Messageboard
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Artworks received for the" I International Mail Art call the Art Gallery Getafe” WOMAN-FASHION Attachments

by caballero2002
1,794104/11/2015 12:45PM
Last Post by caballero2002

The Gypsy Copy Perpetual Giveaway Project

by JamesWhitney
2,307112/06/2013 03:24AM
Last Post by JamesWhitney

Looking for art links partners

by ruthdiaz
3,708206/24/2013 02:27PM
Last Post by MasonBrke

artistpaintingonline.com Attachments

by artmuller2003
4,211104/13/2012 03:42AM
Last Post by artmuller2003

Economies of Resistance - call for mail art

by FreeSpaceProjects
4,624104/18/2011 07:14PM
Last Post by FreeSpaceProjects

What happened to mail art??

by hdelegue
5,253110/07/2010 12:43PM
Last Post by hdelegue

Selling your work

by artnow
7,776212/19/2009 12:56PM
Last Post by matrey

Current Art Magazine Covers

by artfori
5,793110/31/2009 01:22PM
Last Post by artfori

Mail Art Censored in France Attachments

by Hans Braumueller
6,158108/25/2009 09:55PM
Last Post by Hans Braumueller

if you wish to sell...

by ohadstar
5,931108/18/2009 02:26AM
Last Post by ohadstar

Do you like my artwork?

by lanoruega
9,822204/02/2009 04:54AM
Last Post by barry hocking


by Hans Braumueller
11,694203/01/2009 02:42PM
Last Post by Hans Braumueller

Do u atc?

by Art
6,893101/04/2009 07:45AM
Last Post by Art

Mail Artists Group on Yahoo!

by Sharon
11,843411/19/2008 03:28PM
Last Post by jcdugayo

The emotion of an old man - Oil painting

by labaquan
7,358110/27/2008 12:09PM
Last Post by labaquan

CALL FOR: mail response to add to "Falco subbuteo subbuteo (The Hobby)"

by RMcG
8,193109/18/2008 11:44AM
Last Post by RMcG

Your Art

by Pam
7,058103/25/2008 03:05PM
Last Post by Pam

New online art gallery (free membership)

by gshv
7,182101/23/2008 06:58PM
Last Post by gshv

Prints and new website

by ashstone
6,794101/11/2008 05:51AM
Last Post by ashstone

art quaery

by yacov5570
6,691112/29/2007 03:14PM
Last Post by yacov5570

The artist from Moldova waits for your responses about works.

by Aurel
6,782112/09/2007 06:04AM
Last Post by Aurel

NEW: USA Mail Artists group on Yahoo! (Dec 2007)

by sharonzimmer
7,096112/07/2007 09:47PM
Last Post by sharonzimmer


by zoepit
6,794111/12/2007 09:12PM
Last Post by zoepit

Are you an artist?? Do you want to expose your artwork at www.BazziArt.eu?? Attachments

by BazziArt.eu
6,667110/16/2007 07:35PM
Last Post by BazziArt.eu

Green Project documentation

by Sharon
7,758207/24/2007 07:00PM
Last Post by sharonzimmer

ATTN: mail artists wanted!

by Sharon Zimmer
7,384207/24/2007 07:00PM
Last Post by sharonzimmer

backsmiling smiley

by Dragonfly Dream
9,371307/14/2007 02:58PM
Last Post by Art Print-ce

china antique

by chinartdirect07
9,201207/14/2007 02:56PM
Last Post by Art Print-ce


6,893105/09/2007 05:45PM
Last Post by ARTEMISIA

It's so quiet here

by Sharpie Shrew
9,197205/04/2007 08:47PM
Last Post by Dragonfly Dream