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Mail Art Not War!


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Exchange and share your Mail Art! Communication is our message! This is only now an archive after 20 years of running this board. I took this Mail Art Messageboard at 31. May 2018 only at read modus. You can post your Mail Art Project at the main board http://mailartforums.crosses.net/list.php?4 Greetings from Hamburg, Hans Braumueller  
Espa├▒ol / Castellano
Mail Art Messageboard
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by artnotice
8,151103/12/2007 12:38AM
Last Post by artnotice

send a postcard to a soldier

by kenbmiller
7,803103/09/2007 02:21AM
Last Post by kenbmiller

calls 2007

by zenon
10,470212/18/2006 05:55AM
Last Post by imagmailart

New Mail Art Forum

by Wendy
7,328112/13/2006 03:48PM
Last Post by Wendy

New community art website

by betterthanrazorblades.com
6,806111/24/2006 09:48PM
Last Post by betterthanrazorblades.com

Mail Art rant....

by Dragonfly Dream
8,965210/15/2006 02:27PM
Last Post by merlin

Please Register to post - because we were hacked!

by Hans Braumueller
7,595210/11/2006 12:40AM
Last Post by merlin

stop the spamm

by Merlin
16,475610/10/2006 10:34PM
Last Post by merlin

mail art projects

by Ruud Janssen - IUOMA
11,131410/10/2006 09:59PM
Last Post by merlin

Merlin here again

by merlin
4,479110/10/2006 09:29PM
Last Post by merlin

Welcome back!!

by manekineko
10,955410/10/2006 09:27PM
Last Post by merlin

calls 2006

by zenon
4,543110/08/2006 07:07PM
Last Post by zenon

Merlin is back too

by merlin
4,647110/07/2006 08:13PM
Last Post by merlin

Mail Art Call! - Delicate Things

by Alexandra Elin Gallery
4,249112/02/2005 05:19PM
Last Post by Alexandra Elin Gallery

WMail-Art ?FIFA World Cup Germany 2006?

by Marlena Lexow
4,756112/02/2005 12:52PM
Last Post by Marlena Lexow

Mail Art for Everyone!!

by Alexanda Elin Gallery
6,369211/16/2005 10:32PM
Last Post by Chev. Daniel C. Boyer

How to Make easy money on the internet!!!

by K.
6,949211/10/2005 12:48PM
Last Post by tomy

Make Money Quick!

by anonymous
10,932411/05/2005 06:10PM
Last Post by sunny

Art homepage

by Ai
4,215110/09/2005 12:18PM
Last Post by Ai


by suzlee
4,376109/24/2005 06:22AM
Last Post by suzlee

time and money

by chris
6,223209/22/2005 08:47PM
Last Post by Ben B?hm

forums and site which list the projects of mall Art

by denis charmot
6,225209/12/2005 07:59AM
Last Post by Dawn Amato

New mail art Web site

by Angela Genusa
6,202208/19/2005 11:53PM
Last Post by tim b

international MAIL ART Exhibition

6,141208/19/2005 11:51PM
Last Post by tim baxter

no more art

by Nela Beceru
4,001108/05/2005 11:31PM
Last Post by Nela Beceru

Art Show!!!!

by Yayon
4,202107/15/2005 10:22PM
Last Post by Yayon

Falseaddress - project invitation

by Stamp
3,981107/13/2005 07:05PM
Last Post by Stamp

anOther T.Shirt Competition

by DKatts
3,968106/30/2005 07:26PM
Last Post by DKatts


by tom anachel
6,356206/30/2005 10:51AM
Last Post by carrie

new groups.. travelling art journals

by Carrie
4,309106/30/2005 10:50AM
Last Post by Carrie