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Exchange and share your Mail Art! Communication is our message! This is only now an archive after 20 years of running this board. I took this Mail Art Messageboard at 31. May 2018 only at read modus. You can post your Mail Art Project at the main board http://mailartforums.crosses.net/list.php?4 Greetings from Hamburg, Hans Braumueller  
Espa├▒ol / Castellano
Mail Art Messageboard
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Do You Hate David Bowie?

by Davey B
9,700608/04/2004 09:39AM
Last Post by My ISP is your ISP

call for submissions

by david colagiovanni
2,716108/03/2004 06:23AM
Last Post by david colagiovanni

Mail-Art project "Happy Stamper"

by Sztuka Fabryka
2,980107/22/2004 12:29PM
Last Post by Sztuka Fabryka


by jcsuk
2,795107/19/2004 12:59PM
Last Post by jcsuk

The Artist's Atlas has moved

by Cynthia Houppert
2,661107/18/2004 06:57PM
Last Post by Cynthia Houppert

Minden Congress

by honoria
6,436407/08/2004 03:48PM
Last Post by fish-mail-man

New art shop was opened!

by ArtInBy Gallery
2,455107/06/2004 09:57AM
Last Post by ArtInBy Gallery

to Rain Rien

by Merlin
2,635107/05/2004 01:22AM
Last Post by Merlin

Joris Meltzer - an old friend is leaving us.....

by Ruud Janssen - IUOMA
4,530207/05/2004 01:13AM
Last Post by Merlin

Call 2004

by El Taller de Zenon
2,639107/03/2004 08:52AM
Last Post by El Taller de Zenon

Preying Mantra: Saint Simone de Beauvoir Prayer Wheel

by Chien chanter En fran?ais
2,899107/01/2004 09:01PM
Last Post by Chien chanter En fran?ais

Sell SOUL for manga

by Katja/Russia
2,575106/23/2004 09:00PM
Last Post by Katja/Russia

Finally - almost a year!

by Skygirl992
2,610106/22/2004 08:55PM
Last Post by Skygirl992

Anna Boschi in a congenial event

by Bill Wilson
2,946106/15/2004 07:58PM
Last Post by Bill Wilson

Ray Johnson The Paper Snake

by Bill Wilson
8,746606/05/2004 07:04PM
Last Post by May Mails A June Moon


by jcsuk
8,926606/05/2004 05:25PM
Last Post by Merlin


by Newroutines
3,720206/05/2004 02:41PM
Last Post by Merlin

Ray Johnson mailart in London

by Bill Wilson
6,370406/01/2004 01:25AM
Last Post by May Mail


by claudia
2,504105/28/2004 08:11AM
Last Post by claudia

delayed Dallas Mail Art Extravaganza photos

by honoria
5,361305/25/2004 06:27AM
Last Post by Dawn Amato

looking for mail art calls

by amy
5,124305/04/2004 03:15AM
Last Post by honoria

Top-10 QUESTIONS about mail-art

by Ruud Janssen - IUOMA
7,274505/01/2004 08:23PM
Last Post by R.Leske

New Art Community Site

by Maggie
2,480104/29/2004 01:35AM
Last Post by Maggie

Something from Lon

by Lee Spiegelman
2,467104/28/2004 11:01AM
Last Post by Lee Spiegelman

Lon Spiegelman passed away

by Jason Sodenkamp
6,477404/28/2004 10:38AM
Last Post by Lee Spiegelman

uk practicing mail artist list

by jcsuk
3,712204/16/2004 10:31AM
Last Post by sci sam

Money Message from the Sixties to Bill Me Later

4,079204/16/2004 02:01AM
Last Post by mr. deluca

add and pass sheet instillation

by jcsuk
2,553104/08/2004 02:54PM
Last Post by jcsuk

about Ray Johnson

by Merlin
20,4291504/05/2004 02:56PM
Last Post by Michelle

important invitation

by Merlin
4,319204/01/2004 03:45PM