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Mail Art Calls

Please post only Call for Entries for Mail Art Projects and Shows 
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Mail Art Calls
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Fallen Angels - Call 4 Participants

by Planet Dada
3,128203/14/2002 12:13AM
Last Post by sharyne


by Access Artist Run Centre
2,000103/11/2002 07:41AM
Last Post by Access Artist Run Centre

Get Well Mail

by Bill Porter
1,896103/06/2002 08:23PM
Last Post by Bill Porter

Mail Art Call - "The World Through My Eyes"

by Steve O. Black
2,763202/28/2002 06:35PM
Last Post by Julia

Call for Mail-Art texts

by Sztuka Fabryka
1,983102/14/2002 08:38AM
Last Post by Sztuka Fabryka

For the love of baseball

by Anne Baker
2,054102/11/2002 09:25PM
Last Post by Anne Baker

Media Exchange

by Bill Porter
3,140202/10/2002 07:39PM
Last Post by gurdonark

The Job you Don't Have; but Should

by Terra K. LaChance
1,775102/04/2002 07:51PM
Last Post by Terra K. LaChance

Have You Seen this Bear?

by Elle
2,553201/29/2002 03:56AM
Last Post by Elle

mailart call: the love of a man goes through his stomach

by ZenaZero
1,959101/28/2002 09:54AM
Last Post by ZenaZero

Flying Penguins

by Polarbird
2,537201/25/2002 05:16PM
Last Post by Reg

Museum of Temporary Art: Call for participation

by Debby rebsch
2,032101/19/2002 08:36PM
Last Post by Debby rebsch


by marie
1,909101/19/2002 04:42PM
Last Post by marie

Mail art call

by marie
3,359301/19/2002 04:40PM
Last Post by marie

Peace Offerings Documentation

by Star Dancer
1,889101/14/2002 07:28AM
Last Post by Star Dancer

Mama Teta / MailArt CalL / Breastfeeding

by AutoEdiciones AnilinA
1,801101/13/2002 03:43PM
Last Post by AutoEdiciones AnilinA

"Pinned" mailart call

by Erica
1,765101/13/2002 12:11AM
Last Post by Erica

Artists Creating A Better World

by Artists For A Better World
2,824201/10/2002 03:36PM
Last Post by hector Siluchi

Postal Service (for Arky of Toast) via kiyotei

by kiyotei
2,154101/09/2002 10:00PM
Last Post by kiyotei

Mailart call : RESPECT

by ReINe SHAD FacToRy
1,706101/08/2002 10:50AM
Last Post by ReINe SHAD FacToRy

"contrast" and "visual erotic"

by Uwe Dressler
2,886201/07/2002 04:20AM
Last Post by Sandragons

leaf book

by phill / jcsynthetics
2,034112/23/2001 03:35PM
Last Post by phill / jcsynthetics

Artist Multiples

by David
2,078112/18/2001 10:25AM
Last Post by David

Vegas! Baby! mailartcall

by A. Sleep
2,158112/17/2001 04:59AM
Last Post by A. Sleep

Count Fukula Fan Mail Art Call

by ana karina
2,014112/15/2001 02:23AM
Last Post by ana karina

mail art call

by ebart
2,086112/11/2001 06:22AM
Last Post by ebart


by Gilman
1,875111/26/2001 11:49PM
Last Post by Gilman

Mailart call: "Desire"

by Slow River
1,915111/08/2001 04:05AM
Last Post by Slow River

Mail Art School of Peace and respect

by ReINe SHAD FacToRy
4,036311/03/2001 01:08PM
Last Post by ReINe SHAD FacToRy


by Carlo Herpoel
1,881111/01/2001 11:38PM
Last Post by Carlo Herpoel

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