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Mail Art Calls

Please post only Call for Entries for Mail Art Projects and Shows 
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Mail Art Calls
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Cyborgs and Posthuman Culture Attachments

by RatMail
3,852103/06/2012 08:19PM
Last Post by RatMail

La Puerta Tannhäuser / Books

by kmininger
3,769102/15/2012 08:52PM
Last Post by kmininger

Memories of Mark Twain

by Geneva Lake Art Association
3,789102/08/2012 10:41PM
Last Post by Geneva Lake Art Association

Call for artists & projects ARTErra rural artistic residency 1st semester 2012 Attachments

by ARTErra
3,809102/03/2012 06:18PM
Last Post by ARTErra

Diary extracts required!

by FranDunn
3,880101/15/2012 05:52PM
Last Post by FranDunn

Mail art call "Snails"

by perrine
3,962101/12/2012 05:18PM
Last Post by perrine

The Art of Cards, Letters, & Stamps

by judygrone
3,788101/05/2012 08:06PM
Last Post by judygrone

Postcard Mail Art Call: Best of Britain

by LaviniaDrake
3,993112/29/2011 05:39PM
Last Post by LaviniaDrake

Accumulator-of-Love 2012

by RuedigerBoettcher
3,947112/10/2011 01:33PM
Last Post by RuedigerBoettcher

Mail Art Call - Viva Las Vegas! at Gamma Gamma Gallery

by GammaGamma
3,859112/04/2011 08:04PM
Last Post by GammaGamma

Mail Art Call - Mail Art to Remember - Alzheimer's Awareness

by ArtAmongFriends
4,097111/08/2011 05:43AM
Last Post by ArtAmongFriends

Mailart Call: Traces

by 5Blanks
4,130110/27/2011 01:33PM
Last Post by 5Blanks

Need a creative escape?ARTErra´s residency (PT) Last 2011 Vacancies Deadline !5th November Attachments

by ARTErra
4,205109/26/2011 05:17PM
Last Post by ARTErra

Calling all Women... Attachments

by sblase1
4,145109/16/2011 09:23PM
Last Post by sblase1

Call for Submissions: The Asemic Writing Archive

by jesiyvonne
4,289109/15/2011 04:39PM
Last Post by jesiyvonne

Call for artists working in +3D

by JustinTTate
4,169109/11/2011 03:26PM
Last Post by JustinTTate

Final Call for Mail art Entries! Attachments

by carlos
4,131109/01/2011 05:00AM
Last Post by carlos

6th International ARTE LAGUNA Art Prize

by Arte_Laguna_Prize
4,350108/17/2011 12:50PM
Last Post by Arte_Laguna_Prize

Open Call for Mail Art Exhibition and Swap - Economy Theme

by KTycholis
3,898108/17/2011 01:42AM
Last Post by KTycholis

Call for artists & projects ARTErra residency (PT) Attachments

by ARTErra
4,586108/01/2011 06:22PM
Last Post by ARTErra

Vintage Videogames Exhibition + Mail Art

by fanfani
4,874108/01/2011 04:40PM
Last Post by fanfani

Anything Goes-Everything Shows Mail Art Call Attachments

by carlos
3,893107/19/2011 05:39AM
Last Post by carlos

Year of the Golden Rabbit Mail Art Call Attachments

by carlacryptic
3,979106/11/2011 01:12AM
Last Post by carlacryptic

call "TIME"

by Nazaria
3,823105/30/2011 01:41PM
Last Post by Nazaria

Worry Doll Mail Art Call

by dottie
2,993105/26/2011 05:48PM
Last Post by dottie

Mail art call "amulet"

by Vdeviaje
2,798105/23/2011 04:47AM
Last Post by Vdeviaje

Alphabets -- Deadline soon

by exquisite
2,816105/01/2011 10:13PM
Last Post by exquisite


by zenon
2,712104/28/2011 08:17PM
Last Post by zenon

The World Is A Town

by CoffeeMessiah
4,342204/28/2011 12:21PM
Last Post by CoffeeMessiah

Send us your HAND to Sarah JO

by mailartflo
4,584104/13/2011 02:28PM
Last Post by mailartflo

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