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Mail Art Calls

Please post only Call for Entries for Mail Art Projects and Shows 
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Mail Art Calls
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Mail Art Project- DREAM, WISH, HOPE

by Everyday-Dreamer
3,577105/20/2010 08:37PM
Last Post by Everyday-Dreamer


by Philippe Pissier
4,122105/11/2010 01:24PM
Last Post by Philippe Pissier


by derkert
5,128104/09/2010 09:37PM
Last Post by derkert

Memorable Movie Moments

by Natasa
3,610104/08/2010 02:56PM
Last Post by Natasa

"A Town in the Horizon" Attachments

by VORTICE ARGENTINA c/o Fernando Garcia Delgado
3,707103/18/2010 01:33PM
Last Post by VORTICE ARGENTINA c/o Fernando Garcia Delgado

"Un Pueblo en el Horizonte" Attachments

by VORTICE ARGENTINA c/o Fernando Garcia Delgado
3,332103/18/2010 01:31PM
Last Post by VORTICE ARGENTINA c/o Fernando Garcia Delgado

Mail Art Call--Learning Differences Attachments

by friendlyfeline
3,374103/16/2010 01:15PM
Last Post by friendlyfeline

The Postal Project, Get Involved!

by postalproject
3,741103/10/2010 08:29PM
Last Post by postalproject

Miniature Masterpiece Art Exhibition 2010

by abubakaridris
3,693103/08/2010 05:46AM
Last Post by abubakaridris

"The Point"

by andersoj
3,362103/01/2010 04:20AM
Last Post by andersoj

Mail Art Call: Draw Betty

by kernunnos
3,322102/25/2010 07:35PM
Last Post by kernunnos

One People One Planet Call for Mail Art

by Cailin
5,112202/11/2010 08:44PM
Last Post by Cailin

Call for Entry - My Pet Mail Art Show

by ArtAmongFriends
3,294102/09/2010 02:40AM
Last Post by ArtAmongFriends

sex trafficking Attachments

by Annie
3,141102/08/2010 10:35PM
Last Post by Annie

My RED NUMBER AnaSpînu Attachments

by AnaSpinu
3,186102/08/2010 10:20PM
Last Post by AnaSpinu


by wolfdschreiber
3,586101/31/2010 01:53PM
Last Post by wolfdschreiber

Mail Art Call, "Note to Self"

by mythmara
3,630101/24/2010 10:59PM
Last Post by mythmara

Mail Art Call: splice.

by splicemailart
4,189101/18/2010 09:33PM
Last Post by splicemailart

MAIL ART CALL: Miniature Masterpiece Mail Art Exhibition 2010

by danny
3,205101/18/2010 02:08AM
Last Post by danny

Mail Art Project; theme: Indulgence

by art2010
3,129101/17/2010 09:14PM
Last Post by art2010

Mail Art Call " Hello this is Me "

by spottydotty
3,466101/15/2010 06:53PM
Last Post by spottydotty

Vancouver 2010 ATCs

by MistiKo
3,202101/15/2010 07:14AM
Last Post by MistiKo

Art on Ice II

by Thetemp
3,075101/05/2010 06:43AM
Last Post by Thetemp

Call for artists residency Portugal Attachments

by ARTErra
3,305112/29/2009 08:58PM
Last Post by ARTErra


by erquiel
3,314112/18/2009 11:04AM
Last Post by erquiel

Piranha Betty

by kernunnos
3,233112/13/2009 12:52AM
Last Post by kernunnos

Blue String Drawing #1212

by Thomas Garman
8,172312/03/2009 08:32AM
Last Post by marena321

Mail Art Call: Honoring the Shadow

by kernunnos
3,485111/27/2009 07:10PM
Last Post by kernunnos

Mail Art Call: Dancing Through Life

by StudioJeff
3,967111/22/2009 05:38PM
Last Post by StudioJeff

Mailart Call - Open Theme

by wren
3,199111/18/2009 12:46AM
Last Post by wren