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Mail Art Calls

Please post only Call for Entries for Mail Art Projects and Shows 
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Mail Art Calls
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Darwin's (R)evolution

by joana.bvm
3,184101/03/2009 11:48AM
Last Post by joana.bvm


by JAY
3,087112/29/2008 09:34PM
Last Post by JAY

CALLING ALL ARTISTS – The Body as Source Attachments

by labanonline
3,161111/27/2008 06:05PM
Last Post by labanonline

Call for Mail Art Exhibition 2009

by dssuzan
3,368111/21/2008 02:45PM
Last Post by dssuzan

Mail art call: You are beautiful

by korourke88
3,533111/08/2008 04:09AM
Last Post by korourke88

mail art call

by Flora
3,433111/02/2008 10:39AM
Last Post by Flora

Artistamps in the Mailstream

by mailart
3,114110/29/2008 04:04AM
Last Post by mailart

1st International Mail Art & art Exhibition of West Java, Indonesia

by seniman
4,992110/15/2008 04:11PM
Last Post by seniman

Mail Art Call Portrait

by Aliette Couette
3,637110/11/2008 11:30AM
Last Post by Aliette Couette

CALL: mail response required to add to ongoing artwork

by RMcG
3,556109/18/2008 11:34AM
Last Post by RMcG

Mail Art Festival

by abubakaridris
3,552109/11/2008 03:44PM
Last Post by abubakaridris

"Two Worlds" Art Call - Atelier Deux Mondes, France.

by KeshaBruce
3,692108/29/2008 06:47PM
Last Post by KeshaBruce


by tricia777
3,687108/19/2008 07:35PM
Last Post by tricia777

Mail Art Call--Downtown Asheville North Carolina

by carlos
4,704108/19/2008 04:49PM
Last Post by carlos

mail art call / convocatoria - parque nacional la campana, chile Attachments

by mary_sao
3,157108/05/2008 03:57AM
Last Post by mary_sao

Mail Art Call: RUST

by sharonzimmer
3,292108/03/2008 05:27AM
Last Post by sharonzimmer

"Particulates Matter" Mail Art Call Attachments

by Scott Ray Randall
5,110207/02/2008 04:19PM
Last Post by Scott Ray Randall

Call for Artists: Side Show! Freak Show! Creep Show!

by GM Design
3,381107/01/2008 05:54PM
Last Post by GM Design

jose callado

by jose callado
3,119106/10/2008 10:55AM
Last Post by jose callado

Thumb! Update: Exhibition Announcement!

by JD
3,132105/28/2008 07:16PM
Last Post by JD


by Aliette Couette
2,985105/15/2008 02:15PM
Last Post by Aliette Couette

Mail Art Call

by reZZarts
3,401104/15/2008 01:57AM
Last Post by reZZarts

Mail Art Call: "Mean Streak"

by Junanne
3,081104/08/2008 09:12AM
Last Post by Junanne

l'enfance mailartée, etc..

by lizsticks
3,388103/09/2008 02:55PM
Last Post by lizsticks

Intimate Artifacts – mail art call

by einstein629
3,209102/17/2008 11:04PM
Last Post by einstein629

Dreams for Women

by antigone
3,307102/17/2008 06:45AM
Last Post by antigone

"Fetish & Consumption" _ Mail-Art Call and Exhibitin

by Goran Zivadinovic
3,175102/14/2008 05:52AM
Last Post by Goran Zivadinovic

"Fetish & Consumption"

by Goran Zivadinovic
3,068102/14/2008 05:50AM
Last Post by Goran Zivadinovic

Streaming Festival 3rd edition | call for entries | October 2008

by sfth
3,450102/13/2008 05:36PM
Last Post by sfth

Great Apes! Rowing across the Atlantic - Deadline 27th Feb!!!!

by TheRehn
3,359101/29/2008 04:13PM
Last Post by TheRehn