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Mail Art Not War!


Boards are spammfree now

Boards are spammfree now
October 22, 2003 11:39PM
Boards of crosses.net are spammfree now - no?
but trolls and destroyers are banned and deleted.

If this fakers are posting again they will become deleted-
messages by me - their accounts by theyr providers I

Feel free and protected to post here.
Most protection is to post your realname and real adress.

Those abusing this will become huntet by Merlin and his Dragons.
Sometimes a little Kestrel........ like thousands of years ago.....
-You know my signs.

I founded one round table - and I am tired about Trolls.

The sword still sticks in stone.

20257 Hamburg

Re: Boards are spammfree now
October 22, 2003 11:49PM
to RainRien


once more u abuse I will hunt u hard!!!

Sztuka Fabryka
Re: Boards are spammfree now
October 23, 2003 07:54AM
Hello Merlin,

I support you one houndred percent.
Allthough there are Mail-artists who say that banning should not be part of Mail-Art. I have the opinion that persons who show that they are not able to have a normal and respectfull social behaviour towards others should be banned. This opinion I will put on the table at Peter Kustermann's congress.
Are you comming to his congress?

Sztuka Fabryka

Ruud Janssen - IUOMA
Re: Boards are spammfree now
October 23, 2003 07:35PM
Support this action of Merlin?

I am not that sure. Rain Rien only reacts very often is a words-way not that many understand.

Would you like to ban out all the species that don' t follow the 'unwritten rules' of mail-art. Where is the free spirit?

By the way, In the book "Ray Johnson" (book that was published in connection to the exhibition for Ray some time ago) there is even an illustration of work between Rain & Ray.

Do we want to scare away Ray's correspondents?

We need to learn from the past to build the future...


Deer Ruud, Merlin agrees with you , but not with Rain Rien.

I am part with Ray but Ray would never destroy con+acts
like Rain DOS.

Ray decided to jump from his platform.
I decided to accept mine,
Rain - wants to divide and to destroy.
Some dragons landed on mine.

Those who dislike this still free area now are free
to go.

I didn?t invited Rain Rien even I built up his own forum at
my server - he disliked.

so What more to do for him than this.

After all this I say - good by Rain rien.
Welcome Ruud? maybe -

Dawn Amato
Re: Boards are spammfree now
October 24, 2003 09:00PM
Just because Rain Rein is some \"ol\' geezer(ette?)\" friend of Ray Johnson\'s, that does not give him/her license to put people down and insult and slander other participants to this list. Moderation seems to be a word that flies over Rain Rein\'s head, especially when he/she takes real or imagined umbrage at some innocent thing somebody else says.

There are days I enjoy Rain Rein, there are other days when it\'s just raving gibberish. It is a dilema, but I agree with Merlin and Geert. There comes a point, in civilized discourse, when a line is crossed and then something needs to be done.

Dawn Amato

(Still \"in the wind\"...meaning no new address as of yet)
Re: Boards are spammfree now
October 28, 2003 01:41AM
yes HE crossed the line - the domains name is crosses.net.

I never hated him for his fantasy - but I cannot accept how he
is acting here while flaming our primilary ideas and work here.

He shurelely never understand the Ideas of Ray I am shure about.

He is acting like a terrorist against some institutions instead trying to understand what platform of brainmaid terrorists-platform he is bombing just while he is flaming.

A little dog jiffing around wanting to catch his own tale.....


Open sources, free platform.

I repair it again - telling Merlin - is this Name some Provocation?
or some Wisdom?

Telling yes it?s me, yes this is my domain you are posting at,
No I am no Moderator nore moderate,.......

No I do not understand English Language I am Bloody German
If U want to fight by Words do it in German.

My Roots are in Franconia, my Weapons are Francisca,
We killed the Roman Limes and where famous Soldiers in Europe.

Frranka means an Axe, Francisca was the Tomahawk - exportet
to USA - Indinans liked it too. made in FRANCONIA!!!

By the way, Jeans - made by Levis - it was Levi that made it.

One Yewish Frank that went to USA - to teach them how to
web good clothings.

good trademarks will survive.


for instance true mailart.

It is yours to stay in or to become kicked out.

Re: Boards are spammfree now
October 26, 2003 01:40AM
Rain Rien is not only one troll he is Ill in Brain.

Lesson number one in email - include the message U are talkin about!

Lesson number three use simlply words talking with a bloody German like Merlin.-
whom friend - Rain Riens one or Merlins.

Lesson number three posting like RainRien will become deleted.

Why? C?use I am very open for everyone.
but people stepping into my rentet flat - shitting on the table
of my kitchen while I?m at Dinner I?ll kick out.

It is my domain my boards, my work.
He ignored it and kicket all my Friends and Boardusers again.

Use Snailmailadress, clear Idedtification anyhow.
Every true Person is very welcome.

Yes I am still angry about abusing my boards!
Yes I am really a trainee of Kung-Fu , Japanese Sword Fight,
brazilian Samba Drumming, studied artist of fine arts,
webdesigner at Job and much more.

My patience broke at one point:
Someone posting using MY NAME AND MY MAILADRESS
He did with others too!!!

All this worldwide!!!

If he should continue I will hunt him!
He destroyed a lot of trust between friends.
Ray Jonson would say - hang em up and hang em high!

I hope U got no trouble from aol.com - I sent this provider some
mesaages about abusing their mailsystem and accounts.

And I will do this again if this aol users will bomb my domains
with spamm, trolling and faking.

Re: Boards are spammfree now
October 26, 2003 02:02AM


I am defending against one ill boy trying to destroy open sources
ABOUT mailart.

A Spammer and Faker.

We know well when www. did not exist.

Now someone - nonmailartist is faking adresses, invitations,
emails, documentations and more....

Seeding anger and hate between friends....

Abusing Accounts.......

So What - should I say "Good Boy"

It?s not only hurting all Rules in WWW - in POSTING -
it is a criminal Act faking Names, Adresses, Accunts,
Messages and Invitations....

Destroying the trust between friends.

So what should I have done wrong by ONLY!!! Deleting
his fakes!!!

Yes I am angry your read .

This Boy never understand something about Ray Johnsons Life.
Me met Ray Johnson 20 Years ago in one Museum in Hamburg
I worked in it.

Re: Boards are spammfree now
October 28, 2003 09:57PM
Without my flaming and hatemails this board would be alrady dead.

I am not proud ab out acting dirty like trolls did.

But I hate Terrorrists bombing my home and my Friends.

Step one I tell PLEASE STOP

I am not tired enough to close this forum -

that?s what rain rien wants.

Re: Boards are spammfree now
February 05, 2004 04:06AM
wow, that was good for a laugh.
Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.