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Mail Art Not War!


Independent Art Festival

Sztuka Fabryka
Independent Art Festival
January 19, 2004 12:33PM
Dear friends, hereby our latest news about the Festival:

Friday 9 April 2004: dinner at the Sztuka Fabryka home on Friday evening (on invitation only)
Saturday 10 April 2004: In the afternoon and evening "16th Independent Music & Arts"-Festival.
Sunday 11 April 2004: Visit to Brugge, called Venice of the North.

[01] * . - . * Mail-Art meeting with young kids * . - . *

A group of 25 children between 10 and 12 years, would love to meet Mail-artists from world wide and swap artworks, rubberstamps, ... with them. They have their own Mail-Art project and have written already with many Mail-artists from outside Belgium, maybe some of you have received some mail from them. They come specially to meet Mail-artists.

[02] * . - . * Mail-Art meeting * . - . *

The Festival is a meeting place for Mail-artists around the world. Everybody is welcome to perform, exhibit, ... or just to meet. By now already several Mail-artists have said they are coming: John Held Jr. (U.S.A.), Buz Blurr (U.S.A.), State of Being (U.S.A), Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio (Italy), Karl-Friedrich Hacker (Germany), Peter K?stermann (Germany), H.R. Fricker (Switzerland), Rod Sommers (the Netherlands) and others who have showed interest and will conform their comming .

Are you interested to come to the Festival, please take contact with us and join us with other Mail-Artists in this weekend full of different activities. At our website you find information about the hotel.
Any other wishes or dreams, just ask us and we work it out.

[03] * . - . * A Festival full of networking * . - . *

This Festival is not only a Festival about Mail-Art, but about all kind of independent networking arts:
videos, comics and zines from all over the world - exhibitions from artists in the 'stencil graffiti' and 'street art' scene - performances - guest exhibitions from local and international artists - Mail-Art project "Szjablony" - independent music performances - . and much more. The Festival offers the possibility to get an idea about interesting works of art performed and created in other independent scenes.
Check out our website: [www.sztuka-fabryka.be] for a complete and up to date program.

[04] * . - . * Future of Festival * . - . *

In 2005 the Festival will be issued in one of the local cultural centres. The local cultural government (of the city Sint-Niklaas) was very interested in the several independent cultural art networks around the world. They want to work out together with us a program focused on the art networks and the local youth. Ideas about future Festivals has been already made, but will be spread into the networks after the next Festival of 10 April 2004.

SZTUKA FABRYKA Gallery: [www.sztuka-fabryka.be]
Lots of information about Mail-Art, Independent music & publications (reviews) and all Sztuka Fabryka activities and artworks.

== ADDRESS == Sztuka Fabryka - c/o De Decker Geert - Kerkstraat 290 - 9140 Tielrode - Belgium
Tel. & Fax (24 hours a day): ++32 (0)3-770 84 64
e-mail: art@sztuka-fabryka.be

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