January 23, 2004 10:12PM
Hey Rainrien -

I begged you once, I begged you twice not to kick your personal frustrations into this board!!!!

We are not your enemies!!!!

Please stop your multiple posting and spamming, disturbing the strings of our artistfriends accepting you too.

I am not calling you a spammer nor your postings spamm, but how
to do is acting like a troll.

Become more civilisized pleaaaase.

Whomever you are, whatever you paint, however you act,

here is a MAIL ART - link for YOU


Mailart is not virtually - the informations and discussions about are.

Do you speak English? my Mothertoung is German, your French?

Where You come from? Canada?

Maybe Languages are misunderstandable.

Please do not try to destroy our international connections
by heart and art.

No really rules are given here, but humanity please.
Everything that cut x-change at this forum I will delete to
keep the forum free for those who use it well and gently.

I hope you understand me.

there is no hate nor aggression if I delete your messages -
after 50 and more aggressions from you I became aggressive....

so - it makes no sense !

stop spamming start discussing.

Send Ar+ Snail mail - originals your art yourself - artworks instead of
howling like a lonely wolf against all the world.


yes something hit you in your soul.
you are very angry.
I feel in this way too.

January 23, 2004 11:03PM
Sorry about "Rainrien" often disturbing our x-change - IGNORE IT!

HE ONLY IS PROVOKING just the wrong peoples.

If he really hurts again I have to delete his agressions.

This Board is made by me with Hans Braumueller.

My Idea, he now is the master of Software.

Both are Artists and Mailartists you know

look at []

We are not commercial and paying with the money from our
work for this forum to keep it alive and free for everyone.

For every MAILARTIST and interested people.

I want you to start a re-search of this phenomen "Rain Rien".
Who is it , why he is so aggressiv trolling, why he want?s to
desrtroy free x-change, spamming with hate against whom?
and so on....

his email adresses (a lot he is using) Ip?s ISP, Providers, Accounts,
Neighbours - because it seems he has a lot of problems.
Even he x-press himself in art.

Maybe WE can help?



special thanks to Ruud not leaving this forum after Merlin got
some confused about Rain Rien.

Ruud is one of the Mailartists that started storing digitaly datas
about Mailart first and building up archives in this way too.

I lost my complete Datas stored at computers twice so I am out
of mailart , not able to send Documentations about animals in
As soon as possible????

I will step in again online - documentation from 1993, - to big
Exhibition 1998 to all wonderful entries since today.

BUT HOW to find all this objects, adresses, projects between
8000 Envelopes again ? New scanning all this artworks -
new typing all this Adresses, how to sort it again new near my+

I am absolutelyfrustradet!!!

Starting again after 10 Years ok!

BUT NEW ARCHIVE about thousands of arworks and....

I am ashamed about - so nothing sending out....

It?s a mess and shame.

I can?t handle it.

I hope there comes the time me to step in again active and
to find way to set up all this artworks online.

January 24, 2004 12:00AM
let?s talk about Pictures if language is not able to give any consens.

only this link:


this artwork is stored in an Japanese museum.

this is my comment about "culture" today.....

hope U understand my pictures even not my


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