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Mail Art Not War!


should he stay or should he go

should he stay or should he go
January 25, 2004 03:59PM
Hi folks,
Dear artists,

What do you think about Rain Rien.
Should he stay or should he go?

He seems not to be a mailartist, but using digital transfers like
this messageboard to spread his art.

This board was made for messages! about snailmailart.

Rain?s most multiple postings in almost all strings disturbed the
communication here even his extreme? fluxus/dada-language.

Dear Rain Rien your art and your way seems to be ok, but
why you put all this into this board?

If you are interested in mailart send your messages, artworks and
ideas out to mailartists by snailmail!!!

There are thousands of adresses around the world that need your
art: China, America, Jemen, Africa, Iran, Irak, India, Japan,
and Dominikanische Republik, The VATIKAN FIRST!!!

DO IT instead of virtually kicking your frustration by art into this board.

I am fixing problems in my art too and sharing it:


Also I was/are engaged in Fluxus - this is a card of one edition of
Joseph Beuys - I worked together with his Editor Klaus Staek,
I sent out in mailart:


So think about how to act here and what to post and more.

Please handle with care or candle with hair.

Dont burn yourself

Gik Juri
Re: should he stay or should he go
January 26, 2004 07:00AM
Merlin wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Dear artists,
> What do you think about Rain Rien.
> Should he stay or should he go?
> He seems not to be a mailartist, but using digital transfers
> like
> this messageboard to spread his art.

Dear Merlin!

As I know, Rain Rien is old enough woman, living in USA or Canada. She is (was) mail artist and really was in NYCS with RJ. As I know, she was always aggressive (and angry) in snail mail art too, as here. May be, it will be useful for you.

Re: should he stay or should he go
January 26, 2004 10:32PM
ok we need aggressive members -
but not aggressive against eachothers.

thank you for this information!

I will accept this Aggression until it leads to

Thank you
Re: should he stay or should he go
February 03, 2004 09:48PM
We all are accepting AGGRESSIONS in ART....


.... and so on

this is ok.

thank you for Information about this aggressive GIRL

I like this Contacts if the will not destroy mine

Re: should he stay or should he go
January 26, 2004 07:08PM
Dear Merlin,

As a former list manager for an e-commerce community I understand that it can be a full time job to assess and delete posts bombarding an online forum. It is wise and kind to ask your community to be part of the decision.

You have stated the mission of your board: "This board was made for messages! about snailmailart."

Is one person compromising the mission? Is someone using the message board as a platform for a mission of his/her own? Rain Rien Nevermind uses the mail art message boards as a canvas for his/her own literary and digital performances. These performances do have mail art related content. Your idea of giving him/her his/her own message board to publish the performances was generous and, again, wise. I believe Rain Rien Nevermind could produce a fantastic and important web installation to showcase his/her multitude of twists of mind and meanings and non-traditional uses of net systems of communications. I sincerely hope he/she will develop a stand alone Net-art installation that concretizes as well as digitizes his/her explorations of components of traditional mail art in the digital world.

The rules and openness of the mail art community experience great stress when transposed to the Internet. I'm not sure why, and I welcome conversation about what breaks down and what still works. One reason for breakdown that I've noticed is that a mail box is a private space. In contrast, a message board and even an email address system is a public space. In mail art the quiet people are heard, seen, respected, but on the Net you have to be a bit busy to be found. However, you can make so much noise at a shared node on the Net that you drive everyone else away.

Another consideration Merlin, is that you pay for this service and all posts here are sponsored by you. I respect your right, as owner of this service, to stop any actions that don't fit with the stated mission. You have managed a key mail art discussion for years and I deeply appreciate your long-term patience and committment to providing a mail art forum that respects all of its users including some who do not return the respect that they receive.

I don't have a clear answer to your question. Rain Rien Nevermind's (aggressive school of mail art?) uses of message boards can be interesting, but his/her cleverness is quickly overshadowed by his/her desire to push everyone else out of the way and self-reference his/herself into a lonely corner.

I believe the best solution is for Rain Rien Nevermind to take the skills he/she has developed and often displayed to create a serious Web-art installation. An installation that weaves his/her unique literary and collage techniques together to create hypertexutal visions of the intense present of mail art in the information age would be an important piece of contemporary art.
Re: should he stay or should he go
January 26, 2004 11:00PM
everything is open

If Merlin is able to learn about.

This needs feedbacks and comments online!

Why "merlin" started Mailart 15 years ago by his own never
knowint this internet before internet exested....

I am not interested into beeing "owner" of a messageboard----
even once it was my fiction to set just this up online-------

I want to put into the international x-change my wisdom and
tools to keep the free x-change of art and Ideas and thougths on.

I only keep my wisdom for free for everyone to step into unkown Doors
Mailart and online about Mailart to find worldwide contacts to built it up
personally or cocepts or artinteractions or more.,....

Tis mailart snailmailartmessageboard is one of the items that arised when I tried to start free speech worldwide.#

OK this sounds easy, but...

If someone near yourself asks you where to sleep toningt,
- tellem - there is some place in my home.

If someone you know tells you - I do not know how to pay my flat
this month - ok- I willl do it for you this month - where is the problem.

If someone friend or not .......

German, American, Russian, or..... asks you

can you help me?

What will you do?


to help me


to help you



India Germany, USA, Italy, Japonia, Greek, Albania......

If we do not trust into eachothers - you are not able to trust into you rself.,

Ihr k?nnt mir vertrauen - wenn Ihr Euch selbst vertrauen k?nnt.

Re: should he stay or should he go
February 03, 2004 09:42PM
Hey everything is open -
everything accepted -
there are no rules given -

snailmailart knews selfgiven rulez....




This is my target.

we never really needed rules....
nor teachers we did?nt search for....

Mailart and Internet once had been a free Marketplace of
Ideas and Creativity for everyone that had been able to reach it.

This is still x-isting - but - some platforms seems to need some
protection sometimes....

Am I keeping old thoughts instead to become open for new ones?

no I am running a platform

Not Macintosh
Not Winows,



What is this?

A Service without TOS -
Terms Of Sevices.


Melin is only a little bird,

helping everyone that joning this board
to keep a little look high from the sky I am flying at.

The user is the artist here to x-change with others.

System is open.

Merlin is no censor.

Merlin is not allowed to use some sword.

Merlin only is watching.

Merlin is an old fairytale, > Merlin existed and is existing.

Merlin founded the "round table"
that means - sitting together without weapons/aggression

Merlin ex!cluded Aggressors.

Those that do not understand Merlins actions should read the
fayritails about and reachable history about those Myths.

We all need eachothers without aggression.

kevin carmody
Re: should he stay or should he go
January 26, 2004 09:59PM
Hey I don't care if he should stay or go, go to kevincarmodyart.com and tell me what you think. Later!
Re: should she stay or should he go
January 26, 2004 10:01PM
ok, wise words and a lot of informations....

First my information - this board is not commercional it is payed by private costs.

Once before mailart knows internet (Internet did not yet exist)
I was provoking too.....

So I understand how she is provoking , using this fast true strong,
prepaid forum too....

-so you broke a line for her I will accept her postings here, even I
am not trusting her provokations cause she is aggressive against all
users of the board instead if the officially Museums and Artists.

However I trust into the votes posted in this board it is made for,
and I personally have no problemes with Rain Rien Personally.

It would be ver<y nice not to overflood this board with messages and
or pictures while accepted here.

Will she accept MERLIN for BOARD .- Post- Master?

Equal help in snailmailart and E-Mail-Art - x-change?

Please help us to find a common way for a good x-change.

Every Mind is welcome.

We need a lot of creative minds to build up!!!!!!

I am not primary master - I am secondary slave -
look into your BIOS what this means about....

Board is open.


Glad to be online and to know just YOU!
Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.