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Mail Art Not War!


decos? fbs? slams?

dawn amato
decos? fbs? slams?
January 30, 2004 09:28PM
Okay, I was over at this site:


gathering addresses for my "systems-wide" mail out call.
It has peoples' names, addresses and interests...


...so anyway I came across these four words which I am not sure about what they mean but seem to be in the vocabulary of some of the younger mail artists:

"decos" which further study leads me to think this is a form of mailed out-and-around friendship book that is kind of focused on cartoons, especially popular in Japan, is this true or is there more to this word?

"FBs" ???

"SLAMs" ???

"pX'er" ???

these all seem to be some subset in the mail art network if anybody can give me more information I would be much obliged.

Dawn Amato
Re: decos? fbs? slams?
February 02, 2004 07:23AM
decos are something like add and passes, I suppose- but instead of adding one's artwork on top of the previous people's, one decorates the next page in a booklet

fbs= friendship books

pxer= user on postcardx.net

slam= a booklet of questions to be answered by each person who comes into possesion of the booklet
Ruud Janssen
Re: decos? fbs? slams?
February 06, 2004 11:16PM
these things aren't really appreciated by the original mail-artists.......
Re: decos? fbs? slams?
February 07, 2004 04:23AM
no, they're really not...

dawn, would you mind posting your address or e-mail address? there are some pople i've lost contact with, and since you're doing this project maybe you'll know their current addresses...?
dawn amato
Re: decos? fbs? slams?
February 09, 2004 08:30PM
Hopefully, squeak, this will post. I am having problems getting into some of the posted messages, not only rain rien's but daDavarks and and skygirl and merlin's...is it me or the site or my computer, here we go again, I am the eternal "daaah" when it comes to these frisky, pesky plastic fantastic friends of ours. What is it called when you give human characteristics to inanimate objects...no, not paranoia...well, anyway. Here is my e-m:


My main archives which had probably 800 addresses are still in a box in AZ (I hope) but I have started anew. My call is turning into a monster because I want to send a snail-mail item out on a systems-wide level which up to a week ago I had 200 addresses and that was for the US only...do the math..let's see 37 cents per envelope times 200 = $74.00 and that was before I stumbled in over at www.nervousness.org and realized that the "A"'s alone were between 400 and 500 names and addresses. Plus I haven't really started collecting the European side although I have some of the more visible names. So I am thinking oif taking longer on this project, that way I can send it out in groups of affordable segments. So the news from the front is that I am still in the planning stages.

Dawn Amato
dADa Vark
Re: decos? fbs? slams?
February 07, 2004 06:43AM
so, Ruud, are you saying the original mail-artists have become as elitist as the system they set out to mock?

Who was it that said: all Art is created equal... but some Art is more equal than others?

dADa Vark
dallas, TX, usaart
Re: decos? fbs? slams? MAILART IS HARDWARE
March 16, 2004 09:32PM
Ruud is true - nothing is more real like real snaiilmail even the artists are acting online too.

smiling smiley)

Snailmail means x-changing original hand and brain maid hardware like oilpaintings, collages, 3-D artworks or selfmade DVD?s using this
sendng out and coming in.... fast collages, copyart and.....
interactive Performances in different States worldwide....

look for those selled by ebay by the authors - legal even at the
mailartis rules.
The software is our common brain.

Ruud Jannssen is a Software Specialist and those know hardware very

Merlin got wonderful contributions to his ongoing Amimals - Project
also from Ruud.

Art is not only virtually - Van Gogh?s Paintings I touched one time in my
life. - after they touched my soul. Seeing the original I was absolutely
overwhelmed by it?s x-pression impression.

Noone is able to describe one of this paintings to others.

In Mailart it is similar.

Art is not to use some pics in a computer.

Mailart is hardware in personal x-change.

Sharing art, sharing worlds, sharing souls.

xploring friends.


ps: did you ever made oilpaintings? - your mind and heart
will remember this smell of the colours all time long.

This board is under CONTROL of MERLIN.

Those who trust into me are welcome.
Those I do not agree with are free to go to other platforms-
why Rain Rien steadyly are making psycho - terror here????
Rain Rain go away come again some other day .....

Those who are acting like Terrorists become deleted.

Safety first for All Friends.

This should stay a free platform for all Cultures and Religions and
primary for free art in x-change.

Who is paying the Costs setting up this platform for free without
popups and.... and....?

give a big Kiss to Hans Braum?ller.
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