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Mail Art Not War!


Look at this website!

Look at this website!
June 02, 2004 11:26AM
<HTML>These are my websites dealing with MailArt and StampArt...you can go to visit them, maybe you will find something interesting for you, or a present for your family and friends...

Then, just tell me what do you think about it ?

the sites are:

Re: Look at this website!
June 05, 2004 02:22PM
<HTML>Hi Dealer,

I think it is ok to sell art and to sell mailart.

Multiple Mailartdocumentations like "Fieldstudy" became
selled by Ebay since 10 years ago to fit the costs of projects by....
the intiators.

Your Idea is very good!!!! but!

Before you sell your art you should give some of your artworks to international museums like I did - my artworks are in artmuseums for free in Japan...... etc.

Then try to sell it.

If you are selling your archives with items from other artist, please!!!
give half of the money to the artist creating the artworks.

If you want unusual mailartitems from last 15 years for selling it I am
able to send you a lot of stuff hardware and software!
My hardwarecollection of wonderful art flooded my rented flat and
I ask myself whom to send it.

BUT! If you sell it - half of money to the artist who made it even
it is a non-written rule that every mailart sent out is a gift to the
receiver that can do with it what he wants.

Merlin, parle vou francaise? no!
I hope U understand my English.

This is a new mailartrule written by:

Re: Look at this website!
June 07, 2004 12:07PM
<HTML>thank's for your advice Merlin, but I've sent some samples to international museums yet...you said that you did it too, could you tell me which museums have you contacted please??? it would be great!</HTML>
Re: Look at this website!
July 05, 2004 01:33AM
<HTML>My Stamps and artworks shown and collected by Museums worldwide I never will show you.


It is fun for free and not for trading with.

Free x-change ist made for fun and not for money.

money for nothing and the art for free!

If U want to see some look at www.crosses.net.
Subdirectory/ Merlin

If U are able to reach one of my famous Postcards,
send it to me, I will sign it with MERLIN -
once Newspapers posted one of it....

Then sell it at EBAY.

Make a million with Merlin.</HTML>
Re: Look at this website!
September 06, 2004 09:25AM
<HTML>I don't mean to intrude, but merlin you shared a great idea about your art being submitted to museums. I really don't care to sell my art work, but I would love to know how one would go about sharing their artwork to a museums. Can you tell me how to submit artwork to museums? Do most museums accept donated pieces?
What a fun way to share mail art with the world!</HTML>
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