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Mail Art Not War!


like this board very much

like this board very much
July 05, 2004 01:06AM
<HTML>Hi my name is Merlin,

I created this board - become not afraid about the
anarchism here - it is not a democratic one.

But feel protected here to x-change mailart.


Best Things in Life are free!

Art is a common langugage .

Let?s x-change it and give it for free.

Tis is one channel made for you.

; Merlin is watching you and also protecting your

From Trolls, FBI, CIA, Spammers and .....
did not answer you......

This Board is free!

free for U to Use....
U know?

michael leigh
Re: like this board very much
August 10, 2004 03:13PM
<HTML>I like this board very much too. in fact I'm so happy I'm going to tell you about my blog which I've just started and includes many mail art links and documentations and photos of some of the collages and postacrds i make. here it is-


I encourage you all to make a blog of your own if you don't yet have a website. it's very easy and you can fill it with all kinds of stuff!

All the best, michael
A.1.Waste paper Co. Ltd.</HTML>
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