Davey B
Do You Hate David Bowie?
July 15, 2004 04:06PM
<HTML>If you are a visual artist who hates David Bowie please contact me for a possible collaboration. I was the one who threw a lollipop at him during a recent norwegian gig.

Re: Dear Rain Rien
August 01, 2004 10:44PM
<HTML>I once told you keep out of my forums.

I am very very patient with trolls.

But now become prepaired me to visit you personally.

tomorrow or whenever absolutely unexpectet , killing your job,
home, family and more.

Re: Dear Rain Rien
August 01, 2004 10:55PM
<HTML>you?d been long enough in this free area to became traced U know!

Post your Jokes otherwhere or you will become fuckt into your ass sooner or later!


and really hard!

Re: Dear Rain Rien
August 02, 2004 04:59PM
<HTML>I can't take it !

OH....I love you Merlin!

You don't even speak with a German accent anymore.

First you want a Russian wife, then you want to @!#$ Rain in the ass hard.

SILLY! You can't @!#$ my husband in the ass, I simply won't allow it.</HTML>
Re: Dear Rain Rien
August 02, 2004 04:57PM
<HTML>Well then you have have to get me too Merlin!!!!!!!




shutter shutter shutter shutter shutter

Hi, I am a German housefrau just dying to meet any man at all !
My name is Merlin. I stand five foot two, have green eyes, long black hair and my measurements are 36-24-36....just like a tight pink brick house.
Like I said , ANY man at all, even you sailor.
Kiss Kiss.</HTML>
My ISP is your ISP
Rain Rien Deer Horns Send
August 04, 2004 09:39AM

ssik sick</HTML>
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