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Who else was in Russia?

Who else was in Russia?
August 05, 2004 03:45AM
Hey everyone!
I am just back from Russia.
I found my love there smiling smiley Met her by accident, through the web site www.arealbeauty.com ! Never thought that will find my love through a Russian dating agency.

I never ever had so much attention paid to me, as in Russia smiling smiley</HTML>
Dragonfly Dream
Re: Who else was in Russia?
August 22, 2004 10:28PM
<HTML>I love russia and I love th women there. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to visit. I get a ton of mail art from russia every year and it is just amazing.</HTML>
David Bowie
Re: Who else was in Russia?
September 02, 2004 04:22PM
<HTML>I played there once!</HTML>
Lieber Pakt der Papierpuppen,
Re: Who else was in Russia?
September 02, 2004 05:56PM
Dear David Bowie's,

brain AN YOUR ISM.

thump, thump, thumper

LLLLove, Bambi

Bill: Did they ever cast that actor in the casket ?

Did some stiff get the part ?

What became of the munk ?

Cracked Act Tour

the curtain clinches its' chest's' ies's
let's drive Bill cwazy's with pun show way shown</HTML>
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