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Mail Art Not War!


Submissions. Hiyah!

Submissions. Hiyah!
August 11, 2004 07:42PM
<HTML>Why am I posting here? I'm a mailart junkie!

Once upon a time there was a 'zine called TiLE. It was a happy, if malnourished, little rag that lived in a town too small to suppourt it. Then it moved to Sacramento and climbed onto the internet, where it hoped to be born again with new submissions of creative writing, poetry, art, political commentary, photography, and other things it liked to eat. It didn't just want them from Sacramento, though - it wanted them from all over!

The first issue will be coming in September, whether there's enough to fill it or not. Surprise me, but please don't be pissed if we don't use your stuff - it just means it didn't fit the framework of the 'zine, or it didn't fit, period, because (crossing our fingers) we just got too much stuff.

E-mail your submissions, or write for a mailing address. Please send high-res images in .jpg or .gif format. Include your credit/copyright information with your submission (meaning how you want the piece attributed and what the copyright should read). We do not accept racially, religiously, or gender unkind material. Please do not send us erotica, either - we are already horny enough. If you are sending us political commentary, YOU MUST BE SURE YOUR FACTS ARE CORRECT. We do minimal fact checking. Your piece may be edited for clarity if you cannot spell/punctuate. Insert other ass-covering statements here.</HTML>
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