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Mail Art Not War!


Re: mail art on the decrease

mail art on the decrease
October 20, 2004 05:15PM
<HTML>A quick question followin observations of late.

Is mail art on the decrease?

Michael tells me he had no mail for a week, which for him is unheard of.

There are fewer postes here of late than I remember there eing a year or so ago.

Even mail art Yahoo Groups seem to be sending me less emails with all the days messages.

Just wondering.</HTML>
Hawai'ian Artworks East
Re: mail art on the decrease
October 20, 2004 07:27PM
Perhaps it's that some of us have been
sidetracked by political activities and attendant
obscenities in the US of pretty-much-everything...?
(The mood in the country is really quite "nasty" and
"divided" as of this writing).
Also, my budget is shrinking and every cost including
postage runs higher and higher.
Never-the-less... hang in there and our cross culture
exchanges will increase.
Could just be a natural waxing and waning, ya think?
Regards JC,
Gik Juri
Re: mail art on the decrease
October 21, 2004 08:08AM
<HTML>No, Phill!

I don't think so. I have stable quantity of income mailings this year: average - one per day.

With best wishes,
dADa Vark
Re: mail art on the decrease
October 25, 2004 06:34AM
<HTML>I have definitely seen a decrease over the past 6 months. I know several long-time mailartists that have (temporarily) dropped out. I've also noticed a slower than usual response (and even an increase in non-responses) for documentation. May be due to politics, but in past elections the divisiveness seemed to cause an increase in mail. I agree with Kate, too, that economics play a role in the ebb and flow... especially in the type of mailart.</HTML>
Re: mail art on the decrease
October 26, 2004 04:59AM
<HTML>i've had about the same mail art, never huge flow but often surprise things from unknown senders who see me on a list or something. Traditional mail artist are also working in new media so although the mail box contents may be dropping, Internet networking seems to be on the increase.</HTML>
dADa Vark
Re: mail art on the decrease
October 27, 2004 03:13AM
<HTML>My volume may be down, but the quality just increased dramatically! I opened my mailbox today to a very special treat. See www.fotolog.net/dadavark/

keep on creating! And keep testing/teasing the post office!</HTML>
Dragonfly Dream
Re: mail art on the decrease
November 17, 2004 07:56PM
<HTML>Mail art for me is on the decrease as I'm in a slump. Haven't really been insired in close to a year. I still have a die hard who send me stuff almost everyday but me, I'm a mail art ghost....</HTML>
Dawn Amato
Re: mail art on the decrease
November 20, 2004 07:49AM
<HTML>Hi all
I think there is so much other attention-stealing things in this internet/senses overloaded world that time becomes a rare commodity/ resource that one must harbor and conserve. If you are not totally committed to mail art you will find other things to do. Maybe this is a weeding of the true-mail-artist-crazies from the wanna-be's. I have been in a slump for the last three weeks and feel it is kind of like having writer's block. You have the desire but can't seem to follow through with appropriate action. But, I am glad to report, I got down and dirty with glue and scissors the other night and sent some things out yesterday so I guess I am back in the saddle.

"un bel di"

Dawn Amato</HTML>
Re: mail art on the decrease
November 29, 2004 10:39PM
<HTML>I feel sometimes that there is other stuff to be doing, though I always return to mail art. Mail art has a wonderfull way of fitting into your life wherever you can make a space for it.

I keep on being distracted by the television only to discover I am watching some mindless drivell that i have seen before. Perhapse we are inventing distractions that are not really there?</HTML>
Re: mail art on the decrease
November 29, 2004 10:36PM
<HTML>Ghosts keep on re-appearing, i shall see you in the mail one day soon in the future.</HTML>
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