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Mail Art Not War!


Re: Merlin alive

Merlin alive
December 22, 2004 11:27PM
<HTML>Hi Friends.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful very happy new Year for
everyone here personally!!!

Sometimes I?d been a littlebit absent here having trouble in
health and life and Job - but WONDERFUL is that:

Forum is online - this chalkboard I once started, me too and

This are the most wonderful thing in Life I met ever:


It gave Humour , Wisdom, International contacts, cultures, religions,
Ideas, money, personal help, homes for free, thousands of friends,
studieing foreign languages, new jobs, thousand kisses, more gifts than
my home is able to store, interesting faces jingeling at my flats door -
who? oh - we know each other - , preserving and rescuing lives - and much much more!!!!!!!!!!

Mailart is Mailart even it is made with Computers - My Generation studied Art by studying and doing it - now we have Computers.

What is a Machine without brain?
(Sorry bill Gates -ok. U are a learner)

We are independent and I see - by the way in my big Town at Germoney an independent new Generation of Artists are grewing up.
I will buy some digicam.

Have fun here - and re- member Hans B. and Merlin.
I will talk here again.
Thank You for using that what I started setting up free online with Hans!

It is made just for YOU International without Boarders and FREEEEEEEE

this is we pay for.
(no joke - we are giving hard cash for it - just to please you)

So help the Domain "crosses.net" by invating your friends and fighting
against Spamm!

Post more Discussions, Invitations, use this board like sms like
email and more!
There is no limit!
Only human limits are urgently recommented!
Do not hurt others like I do and did - I do not like r_eligions even I
accept it catholic or m_uslim - stupid - c?cause from yesterday and
terrorists - y_ewish are weaker - finest Ar:_my ever is in Isra_el,
US_A I dislike too - stupid and corrupted Presid_?ent there - the
one in US?SR is better - cleverer - you see -

I am True accepting true people - without restrictions.
My Name is Merlin.</HTML>
dADa Vark
Re: Merlin alive
December 23, 2004 06:38AM
<HTML>Merry Christmas, Merlin, old friend!

I wish for you joy and laughter in 2005!

keep on creating!
dADa Vark
po box 542913
dallas, tx 75354-2913 usa</HTML>
Re: Merlin alive
December 27, 2004 05:50PM
<HTML>...and many more mail art surprises for Merlin and for all mail artists everywhere...thank you Merlin and Hans for providing this long term wide open conversation space for mail artists!

Happy Neoist Year, Karen Elliott</HTML>
Lieber Pakt der Papierpuppen,
Re: Merlin alive
January 02, 2005 01:56AM

so how come all your Holy Day Greedings
from TEXAS usa ? eh?

some sorta Canadian DADA Conspiracy !</HTML>
Dawn Amato
Re: Merlin alive
February 01, 2005 08:47PM
<HTML>Merlin, yes...
And my wishes go out to you and prayers for recovery in all facets of your life. For a prosperus and joyous 2005. And for much mail art to you and all the board members here. I haven't been here for over a month, which is why this greeting is late. (Good Grief! You mean it's February already!!!
Woooosh. January evaporated before my eyes!)

Dawn Amato

PS And I don't live in Texas!!!</HTML>
Lieber Pakt der Papierpuppen,
Re: Merlin alive
February 06, 2005 03:16AM
<HTML>Dear Dawn

You Used to live in the USA
You Live in TEXAS, an that's the Truthhhhhhhhhhhh !

Edith Ann Bush, the little-ist eliteist Bush !

Our Lady of Laid-Back Mail Art February Squirteenth, 2005 says:
Edith Ann Melds into Baby Snooks is not Bushlike</HTML>
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