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Mail Art Not War!


dADa address

dADa Vark
dADa address
February 12, 2005 11:55PM
<HTML>I just received a postcard from Boston, Massachusetts with a great example of a minimalist address... sent to me with No city or state... only the 9-digit US postal zip code.

see it at www.fotolog.net/dadavark/

Now, I wonder if it would work internationally? Anyone want to try sending to the following address?

dADa Vark
75354-2913 usa</HTML>
Dawn Amato
Re: dADa address
March 02, 2005 06:24AM
<HTML>Hi dADa, This list has been taken over by the spam crowd. Yuck. Can we get it back? I tried to send a plucked chicken (okay it was a plastic toy pluck chicken with a tag) but the Post Office REFUSED to take it. I don't get it. It is my risk, not theirs. I was sending it to Ruud, so that meant it would be going over seas and the clerk called the super over and he vetoed it. Said if it had been going State side they would do it but not over seas.

Oh well, back to the salt mines.
(Lift that barge....tote that bale...sound of whip cracking...)

Dawn Amatoreg wrote:
> I am sending first thing Monday a guinea pig mail
> tester. Better keep an eye on the mailbox!!!
> Cheers!</HTML>
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