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The Easiest way to become a Millionaire

The Easiest way to become a Millionaire
February 22, 2005 01:28AM
<HTML>The Easiest way to become a Millionaire

From: Arkan Chambers
Date: 2/2/05
Time: 2:40:51 PM

I am 23 and I am on my way to being a millionaire. This really can make you easy money!!!! It really Works, But you have to follow the instructions for it to work.
I always wanted to make money, but I never wanted to pay for anything, or order any ?make rich? DVDs, CDs, or books that I saw on the web. I just didn?t want to pay, or give out my Credit card number. With this system you wont have to pay for anything or give out you cr. Card number, all you do is invest $6.00 dollars,,,,YES,,,,, $6.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An article I read, instructed me to send $1.00 to each of the six names and address stated on the list. Then place your own name and address at the bottom of the list at #6, and then post the article in at least 200 newsgroups? That?s it.!!!.
I wondered if it was legal to do because it seemed too easy,, I checked it out with the Post Office (1-800-275-8777) and they confirmed that it was indeed LEGAL,,!!. So I invested the $6.00. And within 7 weeks, I started to receive money,,,I couldn?t believe it!!!! And it just kept coming in. In the first week, I made about $30.00. By the second week I had a total of over $1,000.00!!! In the third week I had over $10,000.00. This is my fourth week and I have a total of over 45,000.00 and it is still growing. It is estimated I will make over 800,000.00
How it work:
When you send out 200 Posts, it is estimated that at least 15 people will respond and send you a $1.00. ($15.00) Those 15 will Post 200 Posts each and 225 people send you $1.00 ($225.00) Those 225 people Post 200 Posts each and 3,375 people send you $1.00 ($3,375.00) Those 3,375 post 200 posts each and 759,375 people send you $1.00 ($759,375.00) At this point your name drops off the list, but so far you have received $813,615.00. By then you could start over again and make a next $800,000.00
Step 1: Get 6 separate $1.00 bills, get 6 pieces of paper and write the following on the paper ?PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST.? Wrap each dollar bill in each note and include your name and address. Next mail the envelopes to the six people on the list.
Step 2: Now take the #1 name off the list below, move the other names up (6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4, 2 becomes 1, ect?) and add your name as number 6 on the list.
Step 3: Now post your article to at least 200 newsgroups, message board. All you need is 200, but the more you post, the more responses you?ll get, and the more money you?ll make!!
How to post to newsgroups, Message Board?1,=open a blank ?n0tepad? file and place your cursor at the top of the blank page. From the ?edit? menu select past. Past a copy of this letter into the notepad so you can add your name to the list??..2,=save your new notepad file as text file??.3,=Log on to search engines like yahoo.com, google.com, altavista.com, excite.com, ect.. then you search with the subject ?money making message board? or ?millionaire message board? or ?money making forum? ect,??4,=Visit these message boards and post this article as a new message by highlighting the text of the letter and selecting paste from the edit menu, paste it. Fill in the subject, this will be the header that everyone will see as they scroll through the list of the posting groups,, click the post button. You are done with the first one! Just copy and paste the same letter to the other groups,.,.,.,it will take about 30 seconds for each group.
Remember*** the more newsgroups or message boards you post in the more money you will make!!! You have to post a minimum of 200****
That?s is!!!!!!,, you will be soon be receiving money from all over the world, you may eventually need to rent a P.O. Box due to the large amount of mail you will be receiving. If you want to stay anonymous, you can make up a name to use, as long as the postman will deliver it. *Just make sure all addresses are correct.
P.S. When your money begins to come in, give it the first 10% to charity with spirit and share a good fortune!
The List
#1.Jeffrey Bibby Jr., 6 Village Ct. West Warwick, RI 02893
#2.Nichlas St. Lawrence, 689A Victory Hwy. West Greenwich, RI 02817
#3.Tyler Kidwell, RR2 Box 290 Loogootee, IN 47553
Meg Nunn, 528 17th place Snohomish, Washington 98290
#5.Benjamin Richards, 1587 Moonbeam LN Chula Vista, CA 91915
#6.Lesroy Mardenborough, 2321 NW Bell, Lawton, OK 73505</HTML>
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