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March 14, 2005 11:43PM
Whoever is eager to spend a ?sweet life? full of luxury and money now you can realize your dream take advantage of this opportunity now that you have been invited:

This is an invitation to sign up to onlyinvite.com site You can enter the site only if you own an invitation therefore I am sending you oneOnlyInvite invitation is a site created for the lucky people that will receive an invitation;the site will change your plain life into a ?sweet life?.How?It very simple:the members have two extraordinary chances to better in an incisive way their ECONOMICAL life-standard:

1 - ABSOLUTE EARNING: Soon after joining the site you can invite on OnlyInvite other people and get a lot of money. Think for a while that if you have 4/5 friends joining the siteOnlyInvite you can earn about 2000 DOLLARS. This is a genial program, surely, a very CHEAP, FAST and EASY method to earn a lot of money no-line! Dont be skeptical and if you dont believe this please see the detailed information on the site OnlyInvite and you will surely change your mind.

2 - ABSOLUTE SAVING: As a member of OnlyInvite you can enter a list of sites(international)where you can find many products sold in stock and with of a discount up to 80% in comparison to the full price in normal shops:you can find everything tv set glasses prada products gucci products armani clothing!
?Sweet Life? is knocking at your door dont let it fly away! winking smiley
Remember that you can not sign up if you have not received an invitation, so if you want to enroll you must insert Dinox66 in the form "Nickname of the person that has given you the invitation" that you find in the enrolling section of the site!
Have a bird's eye view to the site;it is really worth while! smiling smiley

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