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Why Earn a Degree in the Arts?

Why Earn a Degree in the Arts?
April 30, 2005 01:17AM
<HTML>Why Earn a Degree in the Arts?
Employment of artists, musicians, dancers and related workers is expected to increase by 10-to-20% for all occupations through the year 2010. Because the arts attract many creative and talented people, the number of aspiring artists continues to grow. Competition for both salaried jobs and freelance work in some areas is expected to be keen. Although formal training is not strictly necessary for artists, it is difficult to become skilled enough to make a living without some training.

Hands-On Training
Depending upon your career goals, you have many educational options. Vocational schools, community colleges, independent schools of art and some colleges and universities offer associate?s degrees in the arts. Typically, an associate?s program focuses less on academics aspects and more on hands-on, practical aspects of art creation, dance techniques and theatre and music performance.

Formal Education
Traditional colleges and universities, along with many independent schools of art, offer bachelor?s and master?s programs in art, which provide greater emphasis on the academic aspects of art, including extensive study of liberal arts. Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) and Master of Fine Art (MFA) programs focus roughly 65% of their curricula on visual or performing arts, while a Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Master of Arts (MA) focuses approximately 35% on visual or performing arts.
Working as an artist today is easiest if you've taken professional arts courses at the college level. Formal education allows you to refine your talent and learn many of the aspects that will be necessary to market your art or performance skills. In field as competitive as the arts, being talented may not be enough to get you recognized or to make a living.

Begin your search today to find the school that?ll give you a competitive edge in the industry.

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