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stop the spamm

stop the spamm
September 11, 2005 02:50AM
<HTML>Hi you Artist of Life

I had been offline for some years so......

a lot of spamm arised here.

Sorry about but - I wonder about how alive this board is
standing alone and free for its?self.

all graphics I?ve lost with harddrives are online, all.....

it is nice to meet myself again - it makes me younger than

That?s life - I?d been dead and you used this forum.

Teach me what is going on - is Ryosuke Cohen still alive?

This is a forum for mailart , true , alive and my falcons will
protect it like they did the last 12 years protecting you.

Yes I am really slow but - this ancient Merlin sometimes fly away
for some hundred years or is banned into an oak or......

one of the slogans of microsoft became real last years.
where you want to go tomorrow?

too many ways to go every minute.</HTML>
Dawn Amato
Re: stop the spamm
September 12, 2005 07:42AM
<HTML>Welcome back Merlin. I too have been inactive on this board and arrived back to take a peek today. What have you all been up to? I've been sending out postcards to everybody on the sticker dudes project 2005 list and getting great response if you are on that list I will be mailing you something. Other then that I have not been real active in doing all the calls. I hope to start in again as winter arrives and one ends up being indoors due to the weather. Iowa has the same climate as Germany I am told, and we have a lot of German names in our phone book from the settlers who came 100 years back to farm.

Dawn Amato</HTML>
greetings Merlin Wizard
September 22, 2005 05:43AM
<HTML>hello Merlin, I check in here every so often. Nice to see your post. Message boards get pelted with spam and have to be cleaned out all the time. I clean up the Plexus.org/chalkboard/oneworld board every week. I hope you are well.</HTML>
Re: greetings Merlin Wizard
October 10, 2006 08:55PM
Thank you very much vor your regards.
But the regards belonging to Hans Braumueller - cause he set up
this new board Software - he is the IT_Specialist - and he asked me
to Moderate this board again - even I vorgot my own mailart history
last years not answerring thousand mailartentries I`ve got in last years.

I will try to step into again even I thought it had been only one
sequence of my past life.

You can help me , us.

Spread the Information about this board.
Spread the Information about how to log in here.
I tried two weeks to step into - it is not very easy to join for
Dummies like Merlin!

It looks very pure without background and so on - help others interested
in x-change to step into.

So if I am able to put more time into mailart I will update the AnimalsinMailart.

A lot of stuff is waiting here - my flat is too small to store all
the Artworks.

Please spread all this informations.

Dragonfly Dream
Re: stop the spamm
October 26, 2005 12:33AM
<HTML>Hey Merlin,

Just thought I'd check in here to see how things are and was suprised to see so much junk....spam,@#$%&,sigh...

How's life????

Re: stop the spamm
October 10, 2006 10:34PM
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Beginn der angeh?ngten Nachricht

Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 22:26:54 +0200
From: "Klaus Rupp" <klausrupp@klausrupp.de>
Subject: crosses.net
To: desertdragonfly@yahoo.com
Reply ReplyAll

Dear Dragonfly,

Merlin is comming back.

THE messageboard had become a new setup.
Too cool but seems to be more secure.

Hans Braumueller did it for me.

I will step into again moderating.

Spamm is deleted - this had been automatically
We are learning and set the board up new for you!

You ar very wellcome - try to step into it again!

More secure more intimately.

I will be there again after a lot of years.

Love to you - you are a very true and nice soul.

Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.

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