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Mail Art Not War!


Merlin here again

Merlin here again
October 10, 2006 09:29PM
Sorry Folks for re-posting my posts here again.

I want to show you that Merlin is back but that this
here is very new to me too again.

Merlin posted:

The Problem really had been that the Phorum had been cracked by Spybots making
Money while automatically posting Spamm there.

Hans Braum?ller set up very new software to run this board again and very

I am very glad about this too - and I will become one of the Moderators
(not really I am a Guardian not a Censor) here again because I started
it a lot of years ago.

We are sending all our Regards to all the ART posters here that found the
way back to this board again!

Please spread the Information that this board is working again and try to
teach People how to log in and to register.

Everyone not posting Commercial Spamm But Free Art is very wellcome.

WHen I started Mailart I only had a network of postal System worldwide.

Times are changing everything is running very fast.

I think I am able to start again with very very very big features again.

Reaching some Friend in Japan in seconds some in China in Weeks and
Some Mail to America never arrives --- however.

Mailart ever had been the Underground of FineArt but the most honourest
Artists alwayst started just this personal x-Change worldwide without
accepting censorship.

This new board - Hans - catched me to try to step into this kind of
absolutely free art now again.

Maybe I forgot in years of troble about myself all this jewels of Art all
this Friends all around the globe sent to me .

Maybe I forgot last years all the Friends I found all around the world.

Seems that I need a really new start.
I?ll try!

Every Mailartist I met in Life had been a very interisting soul and
sooner or later some Guardian Angel for my Life.

Really - just new here, re- remembering - I remember all this.

Mailart is Cool
Mailart is better Art even it is not always "fine art".
Mailart is sharing Souls using a Language without Languages.
Mailart is free - noone is able to censore it .
Mailart is fast.
Mailart is cheap
Mailart is intimate, personally - but needs not to hide.
Mailart assimilated also Webart - there is no difference
between - Webmail is only faster than old snailmail
We are sending our artworks made by hand still outto the
Targets because our Originals can not become copied.

And the letter in the hand including a fresh oilpainting
got an absolutely never digitally made smell in my

Mailart today means not only to send snailmail.
Got more complex.
But - Better, faster, more mighty and more urgent than bevore.

Using all new tools given now.

It is a kind of worldwide spirit of peoples in search of free
x-change without censorship.
Without the censorship in our own heads meeting all this kind
of people all around the world.

I promise:

I will try to stay as
Moderator (no Censorship but - saying stop to Trolls and)
And to give "red alert" if Commercial Bots trying to take this
Board over.

Good Luck to all

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