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Mail Art Not War!


CALL FOR: mail response to add to "Falco subbuteo subbuteo (The Hobby)"

CALL FOR: mail response to add to "Falco subbuteo subbuteo (The Hobby)"
September 18, 2008 11:44AM

Readers, this is mail art in that it uses mail, but it's different from most of the calls on Crosses.Net Mail Art Forums as follows:

a) it's directed and therefore compromised

b) it's for an existing artwork rather than a mail art show

But this still involves snail mail, not email, because a made mark is de facto required. So here goes - I positively welcome mail response to add to an ongoing artwork called "Falco subbuteo subbuteo (The Hobby)". It's about birdwatching (and art).

Have look at [www.mcgoldrick-art.org].

A bird may or may not have been removed from that picture. You are invited to print off a pdf (see link on web page) and then use your skill and judgment to mark the exact center of the bird on the picture. If you then send it back to me at the location quoted on the pdf, supplying your name and address where shown, I’ll cut it out and put your contribution on a table in front of an enlarged version of the image. And put it in two art exhibitions, one in London in Nov 2008, the other in Plymouth in Feb 2008. And more shows, as the piece grows and time moves on.

If you are really up for it, by all means make a number of marks on the paper, at no cost to you beyond your time and inclination. Or make just one (mark). Or whatever. And if you're really worried about identity, just make up a name and address. But I need people to enter some sort of details there or else the whole point is lost.

Thank you for your time and generosity in participating!

RMcG in London, United Kingdom
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