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Mail Art Not War!


Re: Please Register to post - because we were hacked!

Please Register to post - because we were hacked!
September 09, 2006 01:35PM

you must register to post, because we was hacked with spam by bots!

It this not helped in the future, we will consider to moderate or to closed, maybe are there out anyones who wants help Merlin and me to manage all these Forums?

Re: Please Register to post - because we were hacked!
October 11, 2006 12:40AM
Thank You Hans for setting up this importand forum I founded last cetorie
before we met us again in a new spamfree and protected way again!

Very well done!!!!!!!!!

Merlin is back to moderate (not to censor) and to help to keep the
good work about absolutely free x-change of free mailart online

All my thanks to my friend Hans and all my Wishes to US All together
to use this free chance to meet friends in Spirit and Art.

Love and Peace
Hate and War

We decide what we want - this Board may stay
without hat and war

But Owners are not afraid of all!

So keep a free Spirit worldwide especially in this time!

First give a hand, show your soul, after you are hidden first
ask why.....

I believe into the Way of Buddha - (not all) next into the way of
Jesus (not all) but almoust. Then I have to ask myself why I did
not believe into my way and why.

I will try to hold the line.

What kind of line?

Posting here!

This is a gift that noone will understand that not hat grewn
up with DOS and Internet before Google and other www.

read my soul.

New www.Platform is open for everyone.

this is Anarchy with Emocracy while Artochrachy rules.

Mailart- ist not a Word.

Persons are livig it - sometimes even me not opening
Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.