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the theme is sky!

the theme is sky!
June 11, 2001 10:47PM

anything and everything else is up to you
deadline is December 31, 2001
everyone who sends something will recieve documentation
and a photo of the sky
send to:

Edmonton, AB
T5W 3P8

Re: the theme is sky!
June 13, 2001 09:03PM
<HTML>hi zendog,
this is not your adress-
who is inviting-
last sky theme I?ve got from zora group in japan.
sent sky and tiger there - never got any answer,

I am not an critician than somone able to cencor you -
you know brother by zen,

but I want more information about - who personally
is inviting? - it would help if .... like I post if i invite
post others invitations ---- in "your name" someting

"xxxmailartist posted by merlin"

otherwise - people thinking it is your project.
Is it yours - I am not shure!- maybe yes!

Only questions , this is your forum you know!

- started reading again Mushashi - got the chance to
go to school again becoming an Internet Technology
Operator now on Job - should I try it? (no risk, just at
job! - but I am 42 and always hated school--- )

PS. posting the invitations-author-name in the header
helps to identify who is invitating - a lot of fakes had
been online last years.

The more I see the more I like you - Swordbro.</HTML>
Re: the theme is sky!
June 14, 2001 01:23AM

Not mine. I got this via email.
I can include the email address and name I received:

"kathleen" dystatic@excite.com

I suggest that you email her directly if you need further information.

Yes - I see what you mean.
Most of the calls I post are other peoples calls (OPC).

I am not planning one for a while.- "Dog's life" wore me out!
I think I aged about 7 years!

Thank you my friend

Good day and good kharma to you.

(post haste)</HTML>
Re: the theme is sky!
June 14, 2001 10:09AM
<HTML>*psst* it was me.. and thanks for posting it.. YAY. smiling smiley oh, ive a lil website, you can go look [www.dork.com];
rae's of sun
Re: school
June 15, 2001 04:00AM
<HTML>Merlin - It's never too late to go back to school, old dogs can learn new tricks. My husband was injured at work and is being re-trained in network programing. (Previously we has in steel forming and fabrication). He really hated school and just the thought of going to school sent him into a panic. But....he went, and just loves it. I think as an adult you are a different person with fresh ideas. The instructor and other students are supportive and everyone wants you to suceed. With an environment like that, how can you go wrong?

rae\'s of sun
Re: school - 1 more thing
June 15, 2001 04:03AM
<HTML>Oh - yea I forgot - My husband is 45. So it's not too late to change directions.

Re: school - 1 more thing
June 16, 2001 02:53PM
<HTML>Thank you very much for posting this, - not the place to chat here, but
I will try to step into it again!!!

Everything I am knowing about computers and www - Selflearner...

But - 5 years ago I had never the dream, idea, about what it could become.... so it seems to be a big chance - I will try to step in - however.

Thank you for your kind words!

(even English I learned by mailart only first writing letters than
typing online)


Our Global X-Change is teaching by life!

but let?s stop chatting here - for this go to the other board.

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