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Mail Art Not War!


Send Me Flowers

Send Me Flowers
December 16, 2006 03:10PM
Send me a post card size piece of mailart with one or more flowers somewhere in the picture, and I?ll send one back. I will also post it on my blog (http://lily-lotus.blogspot.com), and start an album on PhotoBucket to hang each piece. Documentation to every 20.

Subject: Flowers. Anything from bright & happy to dark & gothic. Remember, flowers can be in any setting, and they?re not always pastel. Don?t pass this call by just because you?re not into sunshine. Don?t stereotype the flower! ; )

Size: 4?x6? (post card size)
Medium: Any
Deadline: None
Send to: Lilly Lotus
PO Box 1705
Seabrook, NH 03874

My Mailart Blog
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