Call for Mail Art to Asheville NC
September 02, 2010 05:11AM
Anything Goes-Everything Shows Mail Art Exhibition
Artists/nonartists are invited to submit non-returnable artwork for Anything Goes, Everything Shows. No submission fee. Our mail art show title says it all as ALL received submissions will be exhibited in the Courtyard Gallery, from September 25-Nov 1st 2010. Artists are encouraged to demonstrate or explore imagery of any kind, d including: contemporary arts, idols, sovereigns, icons, anti-war themes, anti-government themes, etc.

Format: any size, if you can stamp it and get it through the Post Office, it will show. Technique: All media will be accepted including Mixed Media, Collage, Montage, Sculpture Digital art, Painting, Fiber, Printmaking, and Photography. Collage and/or the use of imagery are encouraged. Don't be afraid to experiment with 3 dimensional art; we have exhibited painted shoes, records, fish, sticks, and even hog jowls and coal, remember; anything goes, everything shows!

Deadline: 20 September 2010

Send to: Carlos Steward
The Courtyard Gallery
P.O. Box 9907
Asheville, NC 28815
Questions can be sent to

Exhibit will open Sept. 25 at Courtyard Gallery
109 Roberts Street, Phil Mechanic Building
River Arts District, Asheville, NC
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