For the Love of Cats - Mail Art
March 21, 2011 08:39PM
For the Love of Cats - Mail Art

Call for Mail Art
This is a CAT call ... meeeeeeeee-OW ... for your fabulous cat art ... mail art!
No size limit and presently, no deadline.
Technique free.
Your art will not be returned.
I am a collector of all that is 'cat' and would like to set up an exhibit with our local library ... who knows what from there!
But I can't do anything until I have response. So, please contribute to creating a clowder !

Please create your art in good spirit and keep in mind the possibility of childrens' viewing. This may not only promote your art, but will promote the art of ... mail art!

What is mail art? Art put right on the OUTSIDE of a postcard, envelope exposed to the elements...any size and cast off into the winds and postal system. It's daring, adventurous and risky as can feline!
There a few countries that do not permit the mailing of bumpy lumpy mail, so please enclose in something else. BUT, if you CAN...put the art on the outside !

Promote the love of Cat, Art ...snail mail and the joy of bringing this world together in some way.

Please send your works to:

Nikki Soppelsa
36 4th Avenue
Berea, OH 44017

Include "For the Love of Cats" on the envelope.

Your art will be posted here and shared on Facebook.

So for the love of mail art and for the love of cats (in art) ... have fun!

Thank you!
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