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Mail Art Not War!


"You Project" pray for Japan

"You Project" pray for Japan
April 12, 2011 08:28PM
Hello, this is a Mail Art Project Launched by mail artist Keiichi Nakamura, I'm just relaying it. Visit the Website to know more

You Project "For You With You"

The enormous earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011. We could nothing but being shocked, being lamented, and praying. We would like to do something, no, we MUST do something. However, I’m afraid that we may be able to do only a small thing. The only thing we have come up with is “YOU project.”

“YOU” literally means “friends,” “being,” “bonds,” “mail,” and “you,” in Japanese. You, who are suffering from the earthquake; you, who lost your loved ones, ……; you, who are sunk in grief. We will collect messages from every one worldwide for YOU.

“YOU project” is a mail-art project. You may want to send a postcard with the japanese words "anatae anatato" “for YOU with YOU” on to our office. The postcard can carry your messages together with illustrations and photos.

YOU Project
Size : Postcard (official postacard on Website / Technic : Free /NO Deadline

Download official model of postcard (PDF)

Adresse :
YOU Project
C/O TOKITAMA 1-7-3-403 Hiroo
Shibuya-Ku - Tokyo # 1580-0012
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