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Mail Art Not War!


Worry Doll Mail Art Call

Worry Doll Mail Art Call
May 26, 2011 05:48PM
My name is Dora, and since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by the colourful Guatemalan Worry Dolls, beginning at the age of nine when my cousin bought me a worry doll hairband at a mall kiosk in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Folklore has it if You tell one of these little dolls made of toothpicks and brightly coloured embroidery floss a worry of yours and place it under your pillow at night, when You wake up the next morning the doll will be gone and have taken your worry away with him/her.

I am currently working on a creating an optimum environment to put these worries at ease (diorama, maquette, terrrarium) so I am inviting participants to make a tiny little worry doll of your own and along with it submit a short note as to the worry the doll is taking on for you. This is an ongoing project and I hope to photograph this project at a later date. Participants will be regularly updated as to the progress of the project.

Please send your worries to:

832-4000 Yonge Street
Toronto Ontario Canada M4N 2N9
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