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Mail Art Not War!


Bahariye Art Gallery Istanbul International Mail-art Project

Bahariye Art Gallery Istanbul International Mail-art Project
April 23, 2016 11:07AM
Why do we organize International Mail -Art Project?
Especially these days are passing through a difficult time nationally. No difference in the global sense, the whole world in the same situation with us ...
We were so decomposed, terror, war and humanity and nature, or even than us and we were just as much as the right to life is indifferent to the injustice done to other organisms. Each was an ordinary time for us. Death, terror and insanity have become accustomed to as a result, we were accustomed to ...
Henceforth peace are born every morning, woken the beauty anymore. Our way out of this difficult process of art, the tool is a pen, paper ... our goal is to get the peace, brotherhood. Not only for Turkey, we hope that the whole world!
Arrange to International Mail -Art project that's friendship Bahariye Art Gallery, fraternity internationally and all over the world in every age and status was realized with the participation of artists, it is on the other hand, in order to emphasize to the world brotherhood and peace.
The essence of the question; The main theme of our Mail-Art project for Peace.

Join anda for information our web adress:


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