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Mail Art Not War!


Newcomer to mail-art seeks help

Newcomer to mail-art seeks help
January 16, 2004 10:49PM
I'm a graphic communication student at University College Northapton in the UK, and we have been given a brief to design the identity for a mail art competition type thing that is being held here. I had never really heard about mail art before this, and so rather than stumble in blind, I thought I'd check out what mail art actual WAS before trying to put pencil to paper (or image to lens, mouse to mousepad, whichever tools get used eventually).

We're supposed to produce something that will use the same visual language that a mail artist would use, and so far as my simple untrained eye can see, lots of mail art looks collage based, with rubber stamps and interesting papers and soforth. And some of it seems to have a message behind it. Now, I don't want to produce a cold sterile collage, in fact I'd rather steer clear of so obvious an answer all together. It would be really handy if anyone had any kind of input, insights they wouldn't mind sharing, tips from the top. Also, I'd like to find out if there is anyone who would be willing to give the early visuals (when I've actually done some) a once over and vet them before I submit them to my tutors?

If anyone is feeling charitable you can contact me on robotic_overlord@yahoo.co.uk

A caveat - this brief I have been given is a competition, and the selected student(s) designs will be selected from the pool of submissions, however nowhere in the brief does it say I have to work in isolation. I just felt I should mention that to salve my conscience. I WILL credit you if you help me.

Many thanks on reading this long-ish waffle.
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