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Mail Art Not War!


Re: fotolog

January 31, 2004 01:28PM
I received a yahoo group email with a link to fotolog. I have since set up a free account with fotolog, which as it is free only alows for one image a day to be posted.

Thought that I would give it a go to see if it was worth the time...not yet totaly convinced .... time will tell.

dADa Vark
Re: fotolog
January 31, 2004 05:23PM
I set up a page also... www.fotolog.net/dadavark

It's not really a photo... more of a snapshot... but it captures where my head is today. It will be interesting to see how it develops as a photo-journal.

It's also interesting to see some of the other pages.

BTW, JC, my desk NEVER looks that clean!

dADa V
Re: fotolog
February 02, 2004 04:44PM
I made an effort to make my desk look neat for the benifit of the photo...sorry about the false impression !!
dADa Vark
Re: fotolog
February 03, 2004 05:44AM
Your archives looke ven neater and more organized than your desk! Not that there's anything wrong with that... where would we all be without archivists and historians?

I am just naturally a pack rat and a slob. Anyone who has seen the Aardvark archives can tell you that it is nothing more than piles and cardboard boxes and the sloppy scribbling in spiral bound notebooks of a lunatic.

Don't look to me to be the keeper of the flame... I'm content just to to stoke the fire.

dAdAarsonist Varconicus
Re: fotolog
February 01, 2004 03:47AM
I agree, amazing feng shui for a mail artist, JC! Thanks for posting the photos. I post scans of my work, not my working conditions, and you can see some recent ATC action on my blog at honoriartist.livejournal.com
Re: fotolog
February 12, 2004 09:18AM
I also have a LJ, though its not mail art related, have looked at yours, looks good, interesting, thanks for the link

best wishes
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