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Mail Art Not War!


Re: mail art blogs

Dawn amato
mail art blogs
August 02, 2004 04:52AM
<HTML>Hi all
I have not been, here,to this board recently due to the excessive and damaging rain-fall that had taken over the board. But I will try to drop in now regularly. (Unless it starts rain-ing again.)

I have started a mail art blog list over at iuoma yahoo group, in the database, so if any one has a blog they would like to post, be my guest, but please, post only mail art blogs or personal blogs of active mail artist.

I had a small, teensy, weensy problem with setting up the list but hopefully, fingers crossed, some smarter iouma person has fixed the problem and the list is ready to be added to.

"un bel di"

Dawn Amato</HTML>
Dawn Amato
Re: mail art blogs
August 02, 2004 09:32PM
<HTML>Update: I have totally cancelled the Blog over there at the database because I was totally confused as to how to set it up. Will try something else maybe later but I am collecting mail art blogs in a list so if you have one, post it so I can add it to my collection.

Dawn Amato</HTML>
Re: mail art blogs
August 10, 2004 06:19PM
is a mail art blog in the livejournal blog community</HTML>
Dawn amato
Re: mail art blogs
August 13, 2004 06:13AM
<HTML>Thanks, Honoria, smiling smiley

I will add this blog to my list.

Dawn Amato</HTML>
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