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Mail Art Not War!


Re: mail art projects

Ruud Janssen - IUOMA
mail art projects
May 30, 2005 09:14PM
<HTML>where is the mail-art?</HTML>
Re: mail art projects
June 30, 2005 03:46PM
<HTML>Hi Ruud!

I stumbled over this forum by chanse today (not so much to do at work) and was delighted to see some namnes I recognized.

It been some years now, sometimes I miss the mail-art - and i really miss all the contact with people all around the world. But I don't think I'll start doing real mail-art again, it takes so much time!

I have enough to do with my own art, my watercolour takes a lot of time to finish.

I hope everything is well with you, maybe we speak again?

My best / Karin Feltzing</HTML>
Re: mail art projects
October 10, 2006 08:43PM
Yes the most problem I get too while growing older is running out of time
while wanting to do such a lot of things similarily while growing in wisdom
and tools.

Karin you are very welcome here.

Re: mail art projects
October 10, 2006 09:59PM
Dear Ruud,

Thank U very much for posting in this Phorum afte it had been down for a
very long time after it had been given unmoderated to only the posters.
In this years a lot of spammers had been there, but the mailartists
organized themself to use it.

This year commercial spambots hijacked it.

Now We set up a new forum first.

This is an international service I started 1998 or so.

It is not looking very artifice , it is working, it is a very new setup.
Very new is that Merlin is back here as moderate Moderator.

I remember that U are working in IT-Business - Me at my job halftime too!!!

So Our first target was/is just now to set the phorum up new for the users
that used it last ten years effectively!

Yes I am not able to send out mailart via snailart ore online out to you?
Right - if you want I send it handmade out to you (Please add your actually
smailaddy to every posting!!!)

Power and Target is just now!

Cleaning the board from spambots.
Setting it up NEW and SAVE.

Merlin and Hans are just hard at work to keep this free platform free
for all those that used it since ........lat centurie.
With ore without us.

So there had been no time for sending out mailart last years - really!
I am glad to stay alive every day! And struggling for it!
This is no lie!

But I am here again and alive too.

Welcome Ruud ! Are you still collecting handcarved Mailartist rubberstamps?
Made a lot of them - where is your online exhibition about it.

Love, Peace,and Mailart - even I glue my art to the next car.

Anarchy is a nice thing to meet interesting people even they are
wearing uniforms.

PS: Mailart to Central Russia can get trouble to the receivers.
Mailart to China is better now but - maybe - still someone will go
to prison there to - so stay careful !

I am not out of this globe even I sent no mailart out last ten years!
I had been not able to handle all this !

I had been to poor, too ill, too hurt , not strong!

I am some ill poor little afraid boy struggling for my own life
not accepting help.

I hope U to unterstand that this board is not anything against your
board I knew years ago .

Let us try to connect all mailartlinks in the kind like mailart
grew - without censorship.

I am not able today to renew my sites, my links, etc.pp.

This board arised after ... .... .... again.
This board is not against something.
it is the old spirit, a new platform for everyone,.

You are very welcome here!
Spread your Thoughts, your Links,
Your Projects!
And again - where is the mailart from Merlin?
Merlin did not sent out Mailart long years ago!
Absolutely correct.

Thank you my Mailartfriend.
Your Words are fire under my ass to try it again.

You hit my soul in a good way!
Thank YOU.
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