Send us your HAND to Sarah JO
April 13, 2011 02:28PM
The Art of HOLDING HANDS : Send us YOUR Hand

Please join HANDS and Help support Sarah Pender who has been locked in solitary confinment, alone since 2008, following her quiet escape from prison. We want to collect as many hands as possible, so please reach out and connect Sarah to the outside world, one hand at a time.

* Hold Out Your Hand : Photograph, draw, paint, xerox or outline your hand.
* Connect : Share something about yourself in it. Receive hers in return
* Send to : Art for Humanity / PO BOX 36244 / Indianapolis, IN 46236 / USA
* Deadline : 28 october 2011
* Exhibit : Your Hands will be posted online at :
Hands will also be used in a public art project as evidence of our common Humanity. Regardless of where we are on the globe, we all struggle, celebrate, hurt, love, live and die.

* You can learn more about Sarah's case on her Wikipedia page
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